Model Predator 2000 Predator 3000 Predator 400
Length 46 inches 65 inches 85 inches
Weight 65 Pounds 88 Pounds 110 Pounds
Run Time 40 to 100 Min 60 to 120 Min 120 to 180 Min
Speed 200 to 250 Ft Pre Min 200 to 300 Ft Per Min 200 to 250 Ft Per Min
Range 1 to 3 Miles 2 to 5 Miles 3 to 7 Miles
Power Supply 24 Volts 20 Amps 36 Volt 20 Amp 24 Volts 40 Amp
Depth Rating 1000 Ft 800 Ft 600 Ft
Body 6061-T6 511 Air Craft Aluminum 6061-T6 511 Air Craft Aluminum 6061-T6 511 Air Craft Aluminum
Motor DC Direct Drive DC Direct Drive DC Direct Drive
Cost $3195.00 Plus Shipping $3495.00 Plus Shipping $3995.00 Plus Shipping



This is Not A WKPP Scooter

DPV Repair has a metal lower unit not PVC pipe and the
Battery section is not PVC like the old English / Gavin / Scooter. The Nose
is also 4 inches not 3 like the other scooters and other faulty stuff
has been fixed on the DPV Scooter also it is cheaper and safer.

The Magnet can't fall off like the other Scooter
The cable is run inside the leg for more protection
The legs are welded on not bolts that come lose and cause
the blades to go into the shroud or leaks. The lower bulkhead
is solid with a EO connection so no gas can get into
the motor and cause a explosion like other scooters have.
4 of them have exploded that we know about as to date.
Safety first always we don't just talk about it we do it.

English Engineering was the first to build this style scooter.
Others have tired to make a copy of this with no luck but
DPV Repair has with the help of AUL the people that took
over English Engineering make the best scooter in the world
for true explorers of cave diving don't be fooled by copys
get the real thing.

More Pictures Soon